The Columbia Valley Greenways Trail Alliance is a trails advocacy group made up of seven local trail and stewardship groups including, Toby Creek Nordic Ski Club, Panorama Mountain Resort, Nipika Mountain Resort, and Village of Canal Flats. Since the inception of the Trails Vision project, a local motorized group, the Windermere Valley Dirt Riders has recently joined to Greenways.

Our Vision

To promote sustainable trail systems that contribute to a vibrant healthy community.

Our Mission

Community organizations working in partnership to advocate the development, maintenance and responsible use of sustainable trails on public and private lands to promote year round healthy living and community values.

The Johnson Trail near Lake Lillian

Our Values

  • Sustainable actions;
  • Trust, collaboration and inclusiveness;
  • Healthy living and family values;
  • Education for responsible use of trails and environmental stewardship;
  • Partnership for the benefit of all groups;
  • Public knowledge, awareness and respect for trails and trail users; and,
  • Economic benefits for the Columbia Valley

We are privately funded and able to operate thanks to generous sponsors and donors. If you’re interested in contributing, please donate today.

Spine Trail: The trail system begins with a ‘spine trail’ which will form a primary route, and will extend along the length of the Columbia Valley. The spine trail will serve to connect current trails with new routes where required to provide a safe transportation corridor for residents and visitors. The trail network will also provide corridors that will link existing nodes of ecological significance as well as connecting and highlighting regions of cultural, historical and recreational importance.

Nodes or hubs: Areas of ecological or cultural significance. These may require special protection or restoration, and will also include educational signage or brochures. The linking of nodes by connecting trails will be emphasized.

Multi-use trails: Trails for all human powered activities such as walking, running, cycling, hiking, skiing, rollerblading and wheelchairs.  All trails to be collaboratively developed for the benefit of Valley residents and visitors with a strong interpretive signage component.

flowersGreenway Restoration/ Enhancements: Habitat restoration is a critical aspect of our work, focusing on natural elements that have suffered degradation through human use. Restoration actions are prescribed by ecologists, and where possible, we include educational materials regarding site enhancements. Riparian restoration can include creation of channels and fish barriers to regenerate fish habitat.

For outreach, the CVGTA uses historic anecdotes, maps, graphics and photos in our interpretative panels, which are positioned strategically throughout the area. We seek to engage visitors with the local history and to orient them to the greenway. We endeavour to meet the needs of a diverse audience – from the serious naturalist, hiker, paddler to the novice. We also strive to provide local landowners with helpful stewardship information.

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