Communications and Donor Engagement Lead

The role of Communications and Social Media within our trail-building non-profit entails taking the lead in developing and implementing our communication, engagement, and philanthropic efforts. In this capacity, you will collaborate closely with our trail building and management team to craft and convey messages aimed at advocating for our trail systems, in alignment with our mission, vision and strategic plan. Furthermore, you will assume responsibility for spearheading our philanthropic initiatives, encompassing the creation of written fundraising appeals and direct engagement with major donors, with the support of our dedicated team. Beyond this, your role extends to overseeing broader communication and engagement strategies for our organization, including engagement on our social media and website platforms. The breakdown of your job responsibilities will consist of 40% devoted to communications for the organization, 40% to philanthropy efforts, and 20% focused on supporting team deliverables.

We are seeking an individual with strategic acumen, driven by a passion for fostering engagement, and a track record of designing and executing communication strategies geared toward effecting positive change. You should possess strong storytelling abilities, excellent writing and editing skills, and a demonstrated capacity to effectively communicate with diverse audiences. You should also be enthusiastic about leveraging precise metrics to gauge the success of our initiatives and to adapt our strategies accordingly. Your readiness to guide us in implementing effective digital campaign strategies is highly valued.

In this role, you will closely collaborate with our trail-building and management teams to strategize and execute communication efforts aimed at achieving success in our trail construction and fundraising endeavours. You will become an integral part of a team that shares a profound passion for sustainable trail development in an ethical and practical framework.

  • Position: Six-month Pilot Project November 2023 to April 2024. While this contract will end after six months, ideally, we would offer a new permanent position to execute the program developed during the pilot should it prove of value to the organization.
  • Salary: $56,000 -72,000 annualized depending on experience and hours per week.
  • Location: You will likely work from a home office and/or from our office in Invermere. While the successful candidate doesn’t have to necessarily live in the Columbia Valley, being present for events, meetings and activities in our area will be a key part of the role so this will be a requirement to be available in person.
  • Start date:  November 2023, with flexibility for the right candidate.


Create and execute a new private donor engagement program and fundraising strategy. This program will specifically address non-face-to-face engagement so that should another pandemic occur, our organization will not lose these relationships, and our momentum and capacity like we experienced during this last pandemic. Private fundraising (donated money) is foundational leverage to sustainability/maintenance of expertise outside of major capital projects.

Specifically, over a six-month contract you will develop and implement a Pandemic Friendly Private Donor Engagement Program to reignite our existing donor base we lost touch with during the pandemic and grow our donor base; Ensuring the new plan is resilient to future pandemic-like environments.

This will include:

  • Review current materials, activities and donor data;
  • Identify, analyze and recommend potential revenue streams (e.g., annual giving program, event(s), major gifts, planned giving, sponsorship, etc.);
  • Identify, analyze and recommend recognition/stewardship components considering gift size, cumulative giving, gift type, donor type, and budget;
  • Assess ability to execute the program in pandemic and non-pandemic environments; adjust as necessary;
  • Conduct donor interviews to get feedback and test ideas;
  • Adjust plan based on feedback;
  • Create communication and messaging for launch and ongoing communications;
  • Finalize programs’ one to three-year goals and review/adjust with fundraising expert;
  • Create metrics;
  • Launch and track success.

Goals and outcomes:

  1. Our donor management platform is updated;
  2. We see increased donor engagement as tracked by our metrics;
  3. Should there be another pandemic, we have confidence our strategy will retain donor engagement;
  4. Our engagement strategy is more proactive and sustainable and uses more tools to be resilient to pandemic challenges (overcoming what we experienced during this past pandemic).

The above work is expected to occur over this six-month pilot. Depending on success, we would then convert it into a permanent position for the organization.

What you bring:

  • 3-5 years of experience in fundraising and/or event planning;
  • Experience in developing and implementing engagement or fundraising strategies;
  • Demonstrated ability to write clean and clear prose in different voices for a variety of audiences;
  • Self-motivation and independence, with a demonstrated ability to collaborate;
  • An ability to manage multiple projects set priorities and meet deadlines;
  • A desire to continually learn by testing, measuring and adapting;
  • An ability to take, incorporate and give feedback;
  • Commitment to Columbia Valley Greenways Trail Alliance’s mission;
  • A desire to make a positive impact in our community;
  • A passion for people and a strong team player;
  • An exceptional communicator both verbally and in written form;
  • An ability to work independently and pay attention to detail;
  • An excitement about discussing the big picture and your role in it;
  • A willingness to learn and grow individually and as part of a team;
  • An ability to thrive in an environment with multiple projects and competing deadlines;
  • High attention to detail and accuracy in data entry;
  • Excellent communication skills, both written and oral, with superior organizational skills;
  • Ability to maintain professional composure and a positive attitude.

It would be great if you had:

  • Experience in the non-profit or advocacy sector
  • Philanthropy experience including major gifts and monthly giving programs
  • Social media experience
  • Experience working with a CRM
  • Experience with a CMS such as WordPress
  • Proficiency using Adobe Creative Suite and an eye for design
  • Knowledge of trails and trail development within the Kootenay-Columbia region

To apply:

Send a single PDF that includes a cover letter, resume and a sample of work you are proud of that shows your relevant skills. Examples include a writing sample, a campaign plan, a set of engagement ads, or a fundraising appeal.

Send your application to:

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