Copper Point Trail

This Trail is under construction, please check back soon!

The CVGTA is currently in negotiations with landowners to finalize the route plan for a 4 km non-motorized recreational trail that loops around the Copper Point Golf Course. There are plans for this path to include various fitness stations,  interpretive signage,  and view points along the pathway. The interpretive concept for this trail will be based on historical significance of copper in the area.

Proposed Route for ‘Copper Point’ Trail


Section A (Red): This 1 km section begins at the top of Athalmer Road hill and extends directly to the Cross Roads (junction of Athalmer Rd & Hwy 93/95). This section was completed in Fall 2012 and provides a direct travel route for residents and visitors to the commercial area located on Invermere’s outskirts.

Section B (Orange): This 1.5 km loop will extend south of Athalmer Road along Lakeview Drive. Just south of the Invermere cemetary parking lot, the trail will continue eastward towards the Columbia Valley Chamber of Commerce office where the Greenways office is. At this point, the trail will then move northward along Hwy 93/95 ending at the cross roads and the junction with Section A described above. Stakeholder consultation is underway for this section.

Section C (Purple): The second loop is 3.5 km’s and will continue south of the cemetary parking lot turn off (for Section B) along Lakeview Drive. The route will then move eastward along Timberview Drive and then north through the Copper Point Golf Course ending at the Columbia Valley Chamber of Commerce office. Section C: Stakeholder consultation is underway.


Copper Point

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