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The Columbia Valley Greenways Trail Alliance is currently developing a Trails Master Plan for the Columbia Valley region. The Trails Master Plan is a strategy that will provide the region with a long term community vision for trail-based recreation, establish clear direction on future trail development, and foster collaborative relationships amongst the various trail groups and users. The Trails Master Plan intends to provide:

  1. An acceptable balance between protection, conservation, economic, and development objectives;
  2. Land use certainty that promotes investment, growth and stability;
  3. Opportunities for individuals, First Nations, advocacy groups and local governments to participate in planning and to influence land use decisions; and
  4. Enhanced level of shared knowledge and understanding about land use and resource allocation decisions and their implications.

A large and critical component of the Trails Master Plan surrounds stakeholder consultation. Listening to stakeholder concerns and feedback is a valuable source of information that can improve project direction and outcomes. It can also form the basis for future collaboration and partnerships. For stakeholders, McElhanney’s consultation process is an opportunity to gather information and educate residents about the project. This provides the opportunity to discuss issues and concerns, ask questions, and potentially help shape the project by making suggestions for the consultants to consider and respond to.

As part of our consultation efforts we are excited to provide you with the links below for both an online survey and an online interactive map that allows respondents to comment on specific trails and/or geographical areas within the Columbia Valley. Community participation in the project is a critical component of the Trails Master Plan so please pass this along to anyone you feel may be interested.

Online Survey Online Interactive Map

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